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Strategy Warfare: Invader


Strategy Warfare:InvadersFight for your territoryRelieving the siege by attacking? Follow a mighty lord or unite some weak ones? Associate with the distant and attack the near ones?
is a MMO game, you need to use the most suitable means to become a mighty warlord.
Free to play: Multiplayer War StrategyAbundant alliance gameplays and inspiring alliance atmosphere. You can ally with your friends and help each other to develop; you can also communicate and interact with strangers to win the top! This is a RTS game, you may meet warlords and commanders all over the world, try your best and be the best dominator!
Construct and protect your territoryInternal affairs are as important as diplomacy. Upgrade your constructions, train your troops, reinforce your city defense. Let the enemy tremble in front of your mighty base. (High level constructions have cool appearance)
Real war sceneRealistic battlefield and vivid battle units, you can smell the gunsmoke of battlefield from your mobile phone.
featuresFierce competition! Your enemies are from all over the world, and they all want to conquer the world as you would like!
Defense is as important as attack! Remember it is a strategy game, do not only focus on attack and be a fool!
98% real war constructions simulation! You can enjoy the pleasure to construct a military base, both from your vision and mind!
There are thousands of commanders in “strategy warfare: invader”, would you like to be the top?